729 Questions

The Diary

This was a 2-year project where I answered one question a day. It’s mostly just here for archiving and perusing. Because the intention of this site was supposed to be public, I won’t stop anyone from using what is here as long as they show obvious links and accreditation to the original content. I’m just making that crystal clear since all the entries here are pieces of art for me, especially the poetry pages and the more in-depth longer thoughts/answers.

Enjoy using the search bar. The interface is a little odd, but all entries have keywords, so maybe you’ll hit gold. The menu bar is made of my most common keywords (tags), and the first question if you feel like going through it all like a real diary. Mostly, though, you’ll be searching and reading by index and/or related content links.

Leave comments anywhere if you’d like to leave feedback. Have fun being curious.