About This Blog

Anya Ehrim started this online diary as a project to answer one question a day. What is it like to have a diary open to the world? Ultimately it is a resource. When its done, she can look back to find things to write about (or never write about again).

If you’re interested, you can start reading from the first post, https://benignbeauty.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/, which is about describing one of my dreams. Like a diary, too, you’re going to need to use the calendar to flip through the “pages”. The scroll over on the calendar will tell you what that day’s question is (obviously, this site will be best viewed on a computer).

Clicking on the site’s name will bring you back to this page.

Anya wants to give full credit to this wikidot site for generating these questions. Her questions should be, more or less, an exact copy of the list. Whoever posted them (Pyxlin.com) had a lot of time on their hands. She would love to properly credit them; even if it was more than one author. She’ll post the web name(s) here.

Anya’s official website is http://www.anyaehrim.weebly.com. She is a freelance writer/editor in the Grand Rapids area.